Kids Outdoor Play With Toddler Outdoor Toys

Advantages of Outdoor Toys

We have seen, in the recent days, a rise in the number of parents who are expressing an interest in buying outdoor toys for their kids. The term ‘outdoor toys’ is used in this context to refer the varieties of toys that, by their very nature, are obviously meant for outdoors usage. Pretty much all sorts of toys can be taken outdoors, of course; but there are those that can only be used outdoors – and it is those that we are looking at here. An example might make the whole thing clear: in case where we are looking at the likes of ‘riding toys’ which can only be used outdoors – and which find no applications indoors, except may be for storage purposes.

Now as it turns out, behind this trend where more and more parents want outdoors toys for their kids is the growing appreciation for a number of advantages that these outdoors toys come with. It those advantages, then, that we will proceed to explore.

One of the most attractive advantages with outdoors toys is that they encourage physical fitness. This is an important issue, especially in a society that is trying to come to find ways to combat obesity in (of all people) children. Playing with outdoors toys means a lot of running around, and this is what may hold the key to children’s fitness, as they get to burn off the unwanted fat in the process. Whatever the case, by taking the kids outdoors, these toys remove them from the greatest cause of physical unfitness: the TV. Once they get outside, and develop a love for the outdoors environment, the seeds for a more active (and hence healthier) lifestyle would have been planted.

Another advantage associated with outdoors toys is from the fact that they encourage social development in the kids. This too is not to be taken lightly; because due to modern influences, we are the grave risk of raising a future generation of social recluses, who are content to sit in front of their TVs and computers all day long, without any real human contact. Outdoors toys take the kids to the outside, and once there, the probability of social contact developing is greater than when they are indoors playing video games. In the latter case, other kids coming to see them would need for the other kids to come knocking – and that is quite a huge barrier for kids.

The outdoors toys also encourage other forms of learning – developing in the kids handy skills, such as mechanical reasoning skills and other practical skills. This is as a result of the fact that outdoors toys tend to be quite complex in their make up, and as the kids continue using them, they soon or later develop an interest in getting to know how they work – which spurs the learning. As the toys inevitably develop various problems, too, a lot of learning is likely to take as the kids try to put them back together. From a learning point view, the time spent playing with the outdoors toys is definitely time that is well spent. This is important to many parents concerned about their children’s spending of immense amounts of time in what they term as ‘worthless pursuits.’ It comes as a great relief to have toys that give a chance for real learning to the kids, in addition to ‘fun.’

Outdoor Toys For Your Children

Many outdoor toys focus on large motor skills, such as jumping, riding and running along. Trampolines make the perfect outdoor toys as they allow a number of children to jump about right in the comfort of your own garden. Be sure to choose a trampoline that is safe and features an enclosed net and a sturdy frame.

If your children love outdoor toys that focus on riding around, ride on toys are the perfect addition to your garden. There are dozens of ride on toys that are appealing to both girls and boys, including Jeeps and quad bikes. Most ride on toys come equipped with two seats, making it easy for kids to share and take turns driving around.

Another way to get those large motor skills in gear using outdoor toys is by purchasing a climbing frame. Climbing frames provide children with endless hours of fun as they include swings, slides, monkey bars, wooden towers, and sandpits. Having a climbing frame in your garden makes it easy for kids to play together and want to be outdoors.

To expand your children’s creativity, learning toys and action figures are the perfect additions to outdoor toys. Playhouses are a popular choice for both boys and girls and allow children to practice role playing and fantasy. What children love most about playhouses is that they look like real houses and feature working doors, windows, doorbells, mailboxes, and flower beds. Encourage your child to bring action figures outdoors to increase their desire to role play.

If it is toys and games that your children enjoy most, the best garden games include giant sized versions of family favourites including Connect 4, Pick Up Sticks, or Dominoes. In addition, families love to come together over toys and games such as garden chess or garden darts. Or, what better way to spend some family time outdoors than with toys and games that feature water? Above ground pools and water slides make a hot day outdoors a blast. They also encourage your little ones to be active and try out new motor skills.